The Running With Wolves Podcast

Urban podcast covering issues revolving around hip hop and pop culture.


March 9th, 2020

True Story are raw conversations that stem from life experiences ,comedy and hip hop . This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by recording artist, content creator and entrepreneur @taigenz. From opening up for Wiz Khalifa, sponsoring his own trip to Atlanta A3C , performing in Africa and France and now gaining traction on streaming platforms his journey has been nothing but phenomenal. We also dug deeper to understand the mistakes made , the lessons learned and navigating the music industry. Everyone's path to success is unique to them but it's even better when they tell it in their own words. Funny, gripping and honest this episode will remind you that "LIFE AIN'T FREE", so enjoy all the blessings!


March 2nd, 2020
This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by his college friends @fallon_renn, @divaclassique, @mystical_sheen and @kellyali11 to figure out what are the gender roles in relationships today. Who wears the pants in a modern relationship? Women no longer being codependent.Men overly emotional. Bad first date practices. Is open relationships the solution? What are the rules to navigate a swinger lifestyle. The single paradox and much much more. Funny, smart and honest you will never date the same after this episode!


February 24th, 2020

This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by fellow podcaster @nakysunset, @huri3 and broadcaster @tamara.angeline to break down the concepts presented in NETFLIX's new series Love is Blind. Can a person fall in love after 5 days? Is emotional connection the key to a lasting marriage? What are the realistic goals to want in a partner? Is it duty over expectations? What is self love? Through stories about exes, husbands, jumpoffs and baby father's the group examines the depth of communication and the real life application to relationships. After this episode falling in love will never be the

Live from Turks & Caicos

February 17th, 2020

In his quest to find a suitable co-host Wizzy MoonChaser has stumbled upon a exceptional woman in @bonitathegoddess a Portuguese Queen with a whole lot to say. Live from Turks & Caicos, Wizzy and Tracy get to know each other better by swapping stories and giving a overview of things to come. The Running with Wolves podcast is about sex and relationships with the ultimate goal of bringing back the connectivity between men and woman. The journey begins here.Enjoy!  


February 10th, 2020

This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by super podcasters @jayocoka17, @sleymister and @alexvndrepetion from the Gala Dynastie nominated podcast @dopeonthetablepodcast. Secrets for wolves is a modern look at podding in 2020, the pressure of success, the temptation of women and the pitfalls of censorship. The fellas also share intimate stories, their views on therapy , Gayle , Oprah and Kobe. These wolves even attempt to answer the growing concern that black woman feel that black men don't have their backs. Smart , honest and raw this episode will leave you smiling from start to finish!


February 3rd, 2020

After taking a week off to cope with the loss of his biggest idol Wizzy MoonChaser is back with @tamara.angeline @huri3 and @johnnychaa to celebrate the life and times of the late Kobe Bryant. Greatest moments , impact, conspiracies and the legacy he left behind are some of the topics addressed. Also since it’s BHM the group discussed Oprah’s black card , having a summit and the main things holding the black community back. Full of laughs, memories and truths this episode will remind you the true meaning of Mamba mentality! R.I.P KOBE 




January 20th, 2020

In the most explosive episode of the year , sponsored by clothing brand HOUR PAST PAID; Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by artist @klumzykingmilly and comedian @charmazing_1 to discuss life and current events. From exes getting married, fake love , natural births, push gifts, Future, Tupac and Will smith; Million Dollar Baby is all the heat you need this winter. Can someone love two people differently? What is SWINGBA? Is Lori Harvey the modern day medusa? What is "Sister of a Player Syndrome"? Honest , funny and informative this is an episode all can enjoy!


January 13th, 2020

New year , new decade but still the same old SAVAGE behavior. For the first official episode of 2020 Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by uber personalities @dcsmilez, @huri3 and @nsai_t to re-establish some rules of engagement. Some men are masters with their words. great at persuation but does that make them manipulators? Do hurt people still hurt people? Are girl crews still predicated by the pretty girl? What is recycled people? Should every woman go through a HOE phase? Also how can we do better in this decade. All this and much more in this thrilling episode by RWW.


January 6th, 2020

In this exclusive episode from the Kay & Them podcast Wizzy MoonChaser finds himself in the hottest of seats being questioned by uber podcast and radio personality @sok.kay. The Kay & Them podcast is a series of conversations showcasing different perspective and aiming to start conversations, debates and share ideas. Raw,uncut and brutally honest; Wizzy shares his origin story, thoughts on past and present relationships ,fears and his ultimate goal. Experience @sok.kay as she masterfully delivers the questions y'all wanna have answered and others you have never thought to ask. Funny, smart and real this episode is a great introduction to the Kay & Them podcast proving why she is one of the leading broadcasters in the country.


December 30th, 2019

In the conclusion of the Ring 2, wives @missdivanicole and @sillytalkz delve a little deeper into various aspects of their marriage creating a sea of honesty unmatched by any other episode. From understanding the realities of what makes a marriage work to their own personal obstacles that they have struggled with. Growing with your partner, the changes that having kids bring , body image and self esteem are topics that are discussed with absolute candor. Running With Wolves have saved the best for last. So grab that third bottle of wine and enjoy LOVE EVERLASTING!