The Running With Wolves Podcast

Urban podcast covering issues revolving around hip hop and pop culture.


October 21st, 2019

This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by the ladies at the forefront of the West Island Black Community Organization @kemme8, @missleeboss and @mzshai20. They share their experiences being black female professionals in the corporate sphere. Also the balancing act between profession, community work , personal life, relationships and kids. As the conversation delves deeper  the ladies discuss the true role of a community leader, the ultimate goal that their aiming for as an organization and their strategy to engage future generations to be involved in community work. Full of laughs , stories and lessons learned this an episode all can enjoy!


October 15th, 2019

With winter upon them and cuffing season in full swing Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by fellow podcasters @huri3 and @johnnychaa to discuss ghosts of women past and demons of the future.  From old flames, to new situations to the one that was straight up bad for you! The fellas open up about it all. Is it ever the same the second time around? Is it hurt over baggage? Does great sex make her crazy? What is the best way to survive a woman free winter? All this and much more in the latest offering from Running With Wolves.


October 7th, 2019

One of the most thrilling conversations this year Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by empath and popular vlogger @i.set to tackle some of the most controversial topics within black culture. Is lack of culture and awareness the reason for most blacks disconnect with their heritage? Does one truly loose one self in a interracial relationship? Why are the youth turned off by the pro black movement? Are community leaders really serving the people or themselves? Iset also explains the meaning and application of an empath and what is soul ties. The Amber Guyger case is also discussed and it's impact on society. Smart and funny this episode will offer new new perspectives for all to enjoy.


October 1st, 2019

This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by uber personalities @allthingsmisstrish and @riimaxo_ to unpack last weekend events and the latest news in hip hop. Miss Trish kicks off the conversation by discussing the Private Ryan party and her heighten celebrity. Wizzy revisits his RnB clash , bumping into his ex at the masquerade ball and wearing the wrong suit. Of course the group had to debate Diddy's cryptic message to Cassie, Uncle Luke's beef with Jay-Z, Kanye's new documentary and the amazing new cast of Love and Hip Hop New York. Filled with laughs, stories and truths this episode will leave you wondering who is really just friends!


September 23rd, 2019

This week Wizzy MoonChaser alongside @huri3 are joined by @merc_witta_mouth , @coxy_artist, @crisisazombie from @squared_idea to discuss everything that has to do with the creation of a comic book.SQUARED – IDEA is a Montreal based studio developing and publishing independent comics. Started by Mike Wilcox and G. Cristopher Nicholson in 2017, the studio is creating stories that will introduce readers to expanding universes and engaging characters.  From the art of story telling to the emergence of the anti-hero , these content creators share the keys to creating something from an idea.Smart and funny this is an episode even the Avengers would listen to!


September 16th, 2019

This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by a colorful group of personalities; Money Penny, Essence and Captain Kirk. The group breaks down the fundamental reasons why so many are suffering from trust issues within their relationships. Is it resentment? Is it daddy issues? Is it an abusive past? How do women and men cope differently with being damaged and entering a new situation.

Life is part fantasy, part soap opera. Energy is mystical and people are real. But the hurt last forever. Therapy is in session! 



September 9th, 2019

This week Wizzy MoonChaser joined by fellow podcaster @sok.kay sit down with some of the most influential voices in Canadian basketball @reason4c,@jaystiell, @diondion84 and assistant on the Toronto 905 @dream.chaserzzz. Uncut and energetic the crew discusses team owners, professional athletes speaking out on issues, equal pay in the WNBA, women in sports and their first hand experience with NBA life. Also Justin Alliman (@dream.chaserzzz) gives us insights into his upcoming book BEFORE MY GLORY which chronicles his journey from setting up basketball schools in India to now working for the NBA. Full of laughs and personal accounts, this is good feeling episode that all can enjoy.


September 2nd, 2019

Fresh from Grenada Wizzy MoonChaser is back with a slew of stories surrounding his family dysfunction, drama and emotional sabotage. Joined by fellow podcasters from the Franklin Armstrong collective @brianholidae, @thatfitdude,@skindeepmtl and @merc_witta_mouth they also share their thoughts on Dave Chappelle's new special , is Jay-z selling out and women of course. Smart and funny this episode will leave you asking yourself where do you stand in your own family and are you the Black sheep.


August 12th, 2019

This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by personalities @dcsmilez, @ddthedestroyer, @allthingsmisstrish and fellow podcaster @trainedbyblake to discuss the female body image. Is it society or is it men that determined what a beautiful black woman is? Is it up to women to build their own self esteem up? Where does true beauty stem from? Can women have healthy interpersonal relationships with other woman? Can someone outside the Caribbean culture comment on the cultural attire? Raw, unfiltered and funny this episode offers insights to these questions and much more. 


August 5th, 2019

After a short week hiatus Wizzy MoonChaser is back with the fellas @huri3, @nostatuskaapo and @johnnychaa to break down last weekends caribana and the latest in hiphop news. Two mass shootings in the US over the weekend who`s to blame? Diddy in Italy with the Harvey`s, how should Steve feel about it? Nicky about to get married friends urge for a pre-nup. Do women give bad advice to other women? Also the boys attempt to debunk sexual setreotypes related to the looseness of the vagina and the ideal penis size.