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January 6th, 2020

In this exclusive episode from the Kay & Them podcast Wizzy MoonChaser finds himself in the hottest of seats being questioned by uber podcast and radio personality @sok.kay. The Kay & Them podcast is a series of conversations showcasing different perspective and aiming to start conversations, debates and share ideas. Raw,uncut and brutally honest; Wizzy shares his origin story, thoughts on past and present relationships ,fears and his ultimate goal. Experience @sok.kay as she masterfully delivers the questions y'all wanna have answered and others you have never thought to ask. Funny, smart and real this episode is a great introduction to the Kay & Them podcast proving why she is one of the leading broadcasters in the country.


December 30th, 2019

In the conclusion of the Ring 2, wives @missdivanicole and @sillytalkz delve a little deeper into various aspects of their marriage creating a sea of honesty unmatched by any other episode. From understanding the realities of what makes a marriage work to their own personal obstacles that they have struggled with. Growing with your partner, the changes that having kids bring , body image and self esteem are topics that are discussed with absolute candor. Running With Wolves have saved the best for last. So grab that third bottle of wine and enjoy LOVE EVERLASTING!

THE RING 2…part 1

December 23rd, 2019

In the most anticipated episode of the year, Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by the wives @missdivanicole and @sillytalkz to breakdown candidly their journey from dating all the way to the alter and beyond.What makes them wife material ? Did toxic friendships influence their relationship? How do they deal with temptations within their marriage (trips to DR)? Coping with their physical self esteem after child birth. What is the dominant culture in their marriage? The ladies also share their version of the proposal , the wedding night, finances, careers and living with their spouses. Full of honesty and raw emotions this episode will leave you excited for your special day. So pour yourself a glass of wine , pull up by the fire and enjoy this podcast classic. Just in time for the Holidays!The Ring 2


December 16th, 2019

Live from Vancouver Wizzy MoonChaser sits down with uber celebrity @leahmcflywaackeisha for an in depth raw interview about her life, love and business. Like you have never heard her before Leah is candid about past relationships, dating dancers , moving to Vancouver, working with people, traveling the world and her true passion. Does she considers herself a fashionista? Why are men intimidated by powerful woman? What is the true penalty of fame? Friendships over status? Much more than a world renowned dancer this super woman comes with many layers. This is her True Story!


December 9th, 2019

Fresh from Vancouver Wizzy MoonChaser is back with a slew of stories joined by uber personalities @tamara.a.chatman and @nsai_t. From facing his female PTSD in New York to experiencing the hip hop scene in Vancouver this episode goes the distance. The ladies discuss Wizzy’s pain through laughter, his biggest fear in women , men opening up to other men and marriage counselling being a must. How many guys really want a boss chick? Do exes still check for you? Does she want you if she kisses you on the neck? The industry kiss is perfect mixture of hip hop and life with a dose of truth. Enjoy!


December 2nd, 2019

On his way to Vancouver Wizzy MoonChaser makes a pit stop in New York to sit down with a incredible modern Haitian couple @pathtofame and @Thaliedchery as well as his favorite cousin __bsure2no_. The conversation begins with the pros and cons of growing up Haitian, dating while Haitian and the college experience away from ones strict family. Then the episode shifts into dealing with conflict in a modern Haitian marriage , adopting to the changes in your partner and should couples live together before marriage. Should people share their past trauma with their new partner? Are Haitian woman enablers? What is the biggest difference between American Haitians versus Canadian Haitians. The Haitian American episode is full of laughs and truths for all to enjoy. 


November 19th, 2019

After experiencing his first reiki session Wizzy MoonChaser sits down for a soul riveting episode with energy healer, spiritual counsellor and doula @mamaoracle. From understanding energy , unresolved trauma, women , ptsd and damages this spiritual queen delivers all the gems we should all know. Diving a little deeper Mama Oracle shares her origin story, her psychic ability , how she became a spiritual counsellor and the personal life traumas that have impacted her life. Light a candle , burn some sage and pour yourself a glass of wine because this episode is a classic.


November 11th, 2019

In the most honest episode ever on RWW, Wizzy MoonChaser is joined this week by three black husbands @mikey_w33 , @yabwoydg and @goodfitt_fitness to discuss the wonderful life of marriage. Prenups, hall pass, in-laws , money, kids and temptation are all for grabs in this episode. The husbands also discussed that click moment when they knew they had found the right woman to marry. Are men blinded by potential? Can husbands have female friends? How influential are their single friends to them? Through laughter and personal truths the road to the alter has never seemed brighter.


November 4th, 2019

What does a fashion designer , a music producer , a world traveler and a podcast host have in common.Brunch at Karen's that is! This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by @caprikaren from @mercyhousestudio, @misspreddie and @alienslikekin to discuss life , travel and sex. From children nobody wants to have to sex with the same partner for 30 years the group opens up about it all. Is it better to choose profession over romance? When is it a good time to cut toxic friends? Married couples sleeping in different beds is a good thing? Conversations about life choices and the pain that comes with it. Over glazed bacon , furtada, bread, salad and orange juice..this episode is a delightful masterpiece that will feed your mind and soul.


October 28th, 2019

This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by the ultra talented vlogger/director/content creator/radio personality @maryleemaynard and fellow podcaster @huri3. In the most thrilling episode ever Wizzy parallels recent events to the movie a Thin Line Between Love & Hate. We get to learn about Mary and the multitude of things shes involved in from working on movie sets, directing and her take on hip hop. Crazy in love..Is it due to a inflated ego? Is Halloween the one holiday people are truly themselves? All this and much more in the latest offering from RWW.