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Urban podcast covering issues revolving around hip hop and pop culture.


September 28th, 2020

This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by fellow podcaster @trainedbyblake to interview uber fitness coaches @sweatmtl @coach.fitpony about their journey balancing social media and work. These fitness leaders discuss adapting to the pressure, expectations and emotional toll of keeping up appearances on social media. Conversations on anxiety, thought record, competition, fake trainers, branding and the science behind training. People are much more than their instagram posts and this episode is a great example of this. Enjoy!  


September 21st, 2020

Creative Juices are the lifeblood of all imaginative souls. This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by independent artist and entrepreneur @taigenz. Candidly he shares his views on being a recording artist, Kanye's label wars and his own streaming success. Conversations on creativity, failure, the pressure of women, marriage and love. Also a deeper dive on the impact of relationships on one's mental and physical success. Everyone gets real when they're Running with Wolves. Enjoy!


September 14th, 2020

This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by producer, marketing genius, pilot and senior editor of Swagg News @sparksapilot. This uber hustler shares his journey from flying planes around the world to ascending into the entertainment industry. Conversations on being self made, overcoming adversity, near death experiences and the dark world of drugs and women. Sparks also share his personal stories with: The Jackson 5, Denzel Washington, Rick Ross, Céline Dion, Magic Johnson and Jesse Buss from the Lakers. A beautiful peek behind the curtain of fame and fortune. Enjoy!


September 7th, 2020

This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by fellow podcaster @trainedbyblake to interview trainer, games athlete and activist @elijahezmuhammad. Elijah shares his journey in CrossFit, his accomplishments on the fitness world stage and his participation in the Black Lives Matter movement. Conversations on choices, protesting, the black dollar, entrepreneurship and community. Black athletes are more than just mere athletes they have strong voices that need to be heard. Black & Fitt is the perfect balance of brains and muscle. Enjoy!


August 31st, 2020

Young, black and gifted is the theme this week. As Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by licensed counsellor @khanbouba who specializes in multicultural counselling, interpersonal relationships, self esteem & couples counselling. We learn about his academic and personal journey as a black counsellor as well as his plans to aid in the fight against mental health issues. Conversations on race, black students, representation, vicarious learning and culture change. In a field where few look like him, he persevered to achieve his goals and help others. Making him THE BLACK UNICORN.Enjoy!


August 24th, 2020

No filter. No punches held back. Raw to the bone. Endless laughter. This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by comedian and entertainer @akeemgramz a.k.a the funny guy. The duo roast each other on relationships, interracial dating, women and sex. Conversations on censorship, comedy, ambition and expectations. Also Akeem shares his theory about the WAP video and Tory Lanez. Exciting from start to finish an episode not to miss. Enjoy!


August 17th, 2020

Showbiz is much more than bright lights , beautiful women and boatloads of money. It's also about the people behind the scenes making everything possible. This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by entertainment mogul @cnobles01. With over 20 years years brand-building/media planing in the entertainment industry and including 10 years in live events and grassroots Mr.Nobles has seen and done it all. He shares insights on the industry , growing up in LA, the keys to longevity, his relationship with Mike Conception and Huey Newton and the dangers of success.Entertainment is in art like color in pictures. Enjoy! 


August 10th, 2020

Finding Kanye is an introspective look into the most polarizing and brilliant mind of the 21st century Kanye West. Joined by @trainedbyblake and @klumzykingmilly ; Wizzy attempts to look beyond the music, the tabloids and the outbursts. Is Ye a portrait of what being a black man is in this era? Is his energy best served in music, fashion or politics? Is there some truth underneath his rants? Is there a middle ground between Ye on meds and Ye creating classics? Kim Kardashian is a wonder woman? What is "whiteness"? Smart, funny and insightful the fellas pull back the layers to reveal a whole different side of Mr.West.  


August 3rd, 2020

This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by esteemed educator and author @moashellamshortte. This super woman shares her personal journey from the islands to now renowned author and mother of four. Insights on writing about self-love and self-esteem. Her passion for literacy and educating young minds. Life , love and overcoming obstacles. Sometimes you have to look beyond the mirror to see YOURSELF!


July 27th, 2020

This week Wizzy MoonChaser is joined by two of the most dynamic women of colour in Canada @kimmyfeels @thecolorsofwe co-founders of @thevillij a wellness company for woman of colour to connect , heal and expand. What is the breaking point of the black  mind? What's the plight of women of colour? What is community work? What is a fake activism? How do we measure black leadership? How important is the transfer of knowledge? What is TrapSoul Yoga? The ladies also share self-care tips, words of wisdom and lots of laughs. This is a conversation not to miss!

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