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Urban podcast covering issues revolving around hip hop and pop culture.


September 13th, 2021

LYRICAL POETRY features two hard-nosed recording artists @jocompadre & @neruda._ fresh off their first collabo mixtape "Crushed Grapes & soul Food". Conversations on growing up in the hood, the G code, lyricism, artists collabing , the Montreal sound, entrepreneurship and women. Gritty and honest these two creative souls are the modern look of street music. Enjoy!!!


August 30th, 2021

ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS features financial coach and entrepreneur @mister_issa. Conversations on everyday finance, fast money, financial literacy, emergency fund, investments, increasing your credit score and the taboo nature surrounding money. Issa is a smart educated brother , who also shared his journey that led him to become a financial guru. Educational and entertaining this episodes provides a little something for everyone!!!!


August 16th, 2021

NOW RATE ME features recording artist and songwriter @shaboobie23 discussing his life and musical journey that led to his newly released album Crowd Reaction. Conversations on fears, expectations, women, humility, money , family and an exploration of his new creation. One of Montreal's rising stars Sha B is a creative and passionate artist that is here to make his mark on the industry. Enjoy!


August 2nd, 2021

This episode features ultra comedian ,actor and content creator @akeemgramz. In his first candid sit down since moving to Vancouver B.C, this Montreal bred super talent shares his journey in entertainment. Conversations on stand-up, women, fame, black culture, connect four, Kevin Samuels, couples and relationships. Most people try to be funny, others are made for the bright lights. A Star is born and his name is Akeem!!!



July 19th, 2021

This True Story features artist , producer and content creator @pennbannekar. Much more than just another creator from Chicago, Pennjamin shares his journey coming up as a rapper navigating the music industry. Conversations on artistry , sacrifices , commercial music, social media, relationships, Kanye, Kobe and family. His music is a whole vibe , his stories are raw and honest. This is Pennjamin Bannekar!

The Magic of Lion

July 12th, 2021

The Magic of Lion features mystic, hypnotist and mentor @_davidlion. Conversations on living in our highest excitement, synchronicity, fulfillment, fame, divine gifts and path to purpose. Lion also discussed his mystery school, white magic retreat and hypno dojo which are all initiatives that have helped thousands of people. Having performed for a slew of celebrities, notably Drake, David Lion finds peace bringing magic and love into people's lives. The deepest and most life altering episode ever!!! 


June 21st, 2021

This episode features entrepreneur, content creator and podcaster @whoismrcool. He speaks about his journey with his partners creating 9208 Agency @welcometo9208 a lifestyle event company like no other. Conversations on business attitudes, working relationships, dealing with criticism, managing egos, black culture and love. Smart, insightful and funny this is an episode not to miss!


June 14th, 2021

This episode features Kenneth Pannell, a pillar in basketball circles. His gift for scouting talent , mentoring kids and organizing grassroot programs that promote women's basketball have afforded him great notoriety. Coming from a small town in Virginia, KP played Division 1 basketball, has worked on Wall Street and then changed course by dedicating himself to the game. He has played against or alongside notable greats such as Iverson, Shaq and Penny Hardaway. Proven to be fair and honest, KP has helped thousands of kids to fulfill their hoop dreams and has advanced the framework of women's basketball in the USA and Canada. With his new venture, Kontinuous Performance Athletics he is bound to keep up his level of excellence making him THE RAINMAKER.


June 7th, 2021

An introspective conversation with black women on the disconnect between the sexes in the community. Polarising , raw and honest this is an episode not to miss.


May 31st, 2021

This episode features @ginellamassatv Canadian screen award winner and national host of CBC's primetime news program Canada Tonight with Ginella Massa. This uber broadcaster answers Wolf Pack questions about culture, broadcasting and herself. Organic , funny and insightful this is an episode not to miss!

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